Academic Challenge excels at Nationals

Academic Challenge excels at Nationals

The LHS Academic Challenge Team competed in the National Academic Challenge Tournament in Washington, DC.  Last year at this venue, Lakewood finished 36th of 64 teams. This year the team moved up to the 20thposition, making it to the final... READ MORE »»



Click here to view the exam schedule for seniors. The final exam schedule for all other grades is available here.

Boys' Track Update

Boys’ Track Update

When first year Head Coach Mike Dow took over the reins of the Lakewood Boys Track and Field Team his first goal was to turn the winless dual meet record from 2013 around. Accomplishing just that, the boys team finished out their dual meet portion... READ MORE »»

Ranger Feed

Daily Announcements

SENIORS!!  There will be a senior reception on Monday June 2nd at 3:00 in the L-room.  Come to the L-room, eat free cake, sign year books and celebrate your accomplishments!!   Seniors! ... Read more »

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Roller Coasters and Physics.

Roller Coasters and Physics.

For some physics students this memorial day weekend was more like a four day weekend than a three day weekend.  On Friday May twenty-third, one hundred fun physics, physics and... Read more »

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Why women communicate better than men

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Why women communicate better than men

  ‘Girls go to college to get more knowledge, boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider.’ We all know this common phrase from our childhood, and it could lead us... Read more »

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Overall Thoughts on the Season

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Team Huddle on Senior Night

Overall Thoughts on the Season

The 2014 spring season came to a crashing end on May 16th as the Lakewood Girls’ Varsity Softball team lost to the St. Joe’s Jaguars in the first round of the tournament. Lakewood... Read more »

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Lakewood Life

Summertime Fun

Renting canoes and kayaks is a great way to enjoy the sun and water.

Summertime Fun

Looking for some fun in the sun? Northeast Ohio has endless options that are close by. There are many different ways to fulfill your summer bucket list with a low budget. From... Read more »

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Class of 2014 headed to great things

Class of 2014 headed to great things

The Class of 2014 has finished its days at LHS and all that awaits is Commencement on June 8 before its nearly 400 members head off to the next chapter in their lives. Their choices... Read more »

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